Fashion Gallery 2015

Posted on 28 April 2015

In association with Mishcon de Reya and Lawfully Chic.


Fashion Gallery 2015

Helen Croft
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

Tonight we are hosting our fashion gallery. It is an event that we put on for our clients and contacts where we showcase emerging luxury brands and they are brands that we know and love either because we work with them or because we have a relationship with them through our sponsorship of the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow programme.  As a firm we frequently work with clients and contacts in the fashion, luxury and retail space.

Natalia Barbier
Bionda Castana

We are a luxury footwear brand, all handmade in Milan but British born.  We decided to come tonight (a) obviously to support Mishcon who look after us in more ways than one.  It is also a good opportunity for us to meet a new client base and to see current clients in the flesh in real life.  We have a really successful on-line business but haven’t yet opened a retail store which we are due to open in a month.   These kind of one-on-one events are amazing for us.

India Martin
Only Fingers & Toes

Only Fingers & Toes is a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow and so Mishcon sponsors the programme and are really supportive in helping emerging brands to the complexities of the legal world when you are setting up a business.  The advice I would give to emerging entrepreneurs is to be authentic and to remember that it takes time, a little bit of luck but a lot of time, a lot of graft and a lot of hard work.

Sally Britton
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

One of the key initiatives of the luxury, fashion and retail group is to support emerging designer businesses.  In 2014 we launched the Design and Mentoring programme with the British Fashion Council.  Essentially this is a programme where we support ten designers selected by the British Fashion Council.  We offer them bespoke support ranging from intellectual property advice through to media training.

Holly Fulton
Holly Fulton

We are really delighted to be here tonight at the Fashion Gallery at Mishcon.  We are very lucky to have a relationship with them that was kind of formed through the British Fashion Council so we were picked as one of ten designers that were lucky enough to be mentored which has been a real asset and useful to kind of someone who is moving into the industry and constantly needing some more advice on those kind of issues.  We had quite a strong signature as a brand so we are kind of known for our use of quite a graphic identity, hand drawn prints, a lot of hand sequinning and detailing and hopefully create something that’s new but referencing couture-type techniques to create a really luxurious contemporary product.

Rachel Vosper
Rachel Vosper Belgravia

I first attended four years’ ago now as a guest of Mishcon and I was so impressed with the line-up of brands and how inspiring it was that it actually inspired me to actually exhibit the following year.  It is just the right clientele for us, its people who truly appreciate what we are trying to achieve as young brands.

Edward James
Edward James London 

We are doing a lot of jujjing.  We have people coming over basically to do consultations to give them a taster of what we are about really at Edward James.  So we will be personalising their hair, blow drying it, dry styling.  There will also be some lovely head massages going on.

Lewis Cohen
Partner, Mishcon de Reya 

We are having to foresee the changes that might take place in the market over five or ten years for some of our contracts and make sure that our clients are building in to their agreements the fact that actually retail is changing.

Kim Winser OBE
Winser London

Well I am very impressed with what Mishcon are doing, I mean it is a power house business and it is investing in small British businesses and helping them grow globally so I am a big supporter.  For me, I believe that the model to launch today is an on-line model and then to build retail around it because your model is much more flexible, it is much more responsive and it is able to grow in the global markets quicker and so for me, for Winser, that was my choice.

Mark Worth 
Stylus Fashion

The first thing that strikes me is that there is a lot of creativity here and I believe that actually it is a lot of creativity missing out of the fashion industry today.  So far I like what I see.

Helen Croft
Partner, Mishcon de Reya

One of the main focusses of tonight is that we love to work with young spirited, entrepreneurial, ambitious businesses.  It is what we are passionate about and it is what we love doing most.

Mishcon de Reya

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