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Business Group For Midtown Area - Appoints New Chair, Elliot Moss

Posted on 06 May 2015

Inmidtown – representing the interests of over 560 businesses in Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles – today announced the appointment of a new Chairman, Elliot Moss.


Business Group For Midtown Area Appoints New Chair, Elliot Moss

Midtown Bloomsbury, Holborn, St Giles

Elliot Moss
Director of Business Development, Mishcon de Reya

So the reason I am excited to take on this new role as Chairman of Midtown is because this is an area that is vibrant, it is central, it is invested in, it’s got potential, it’s a place where all great businesses ought to locate.  Google is here, Yahoo is here, Mishcon de Reya is here, Olswang is here.  This has been a vibrant place for a long time and it is only getting better.  If there were three words that I would use to define what makes Midtown Midtown I think the first one is all about confidence.  There is huge confidence here.  I have lived in the area, worked in the area for the last five years and it has only got better and better and that confidence is built upon the belief that new businesses are coming in.  The second thing I would say is that it is an incredibly connected area but it is more than that, it is about the fact that we as a business community are connected with Camden, are connected with GLA, are connected with the London Chamber of Commerce and the third and final thing is it is an incredibly successful area and that success is predicated on that sense of confidence and that sense of being connected.  London is one of the most important Centres of Commerce in the world.  This is a world class centre for doing business in.  This bid has worked very hard over the last decade to make it so to ensure that the investment is there so the next five years are going to be pivotal as we look forward to a greater and even more successful future for Midtown.

Midtown Bloomsbury, Holborn, St Giles