Real Insights - Property Update

Issue 5
873Banking on the law

Banking on the law

In a major victory for borrowers, the High Court recently upheld a borrower's claim that it was not required to pay RBS a £2.4 million charge to break a fixed rate loan arrangement.

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876Sigh of relief for surveyors?

Sigh of relief for surveyors?

The Court of Appeal has overturned what was considered an influential decision that Colliers International UK plc (Colliers) was negligent in valuing a large commercial property in Germany at €135m in 2005.

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880Beavis butts heads with ParkingEye

Beavis butts heads with ParkingEye

The Supreme Court has just handed down its decision in the case of ParkingEye Limited v Beavis which has helped to clarify what Lord Neuberger described as the "ancient, haphazardly constructed" law relating to penalty clauses.

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883Should landlords care about consumer rights?

Right to Rent

As from 1 February 2016 no new residential tenancies may be granted without checks being carried out on the proposed occupiers.

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