Real Insights - Property Update
Issue 7

What will the next London Mayor do for housing?

Apparently I started it! So Mike Slade, President of property charity LandAid, reminded me at their recent 6th annual debate.

With friends like these: couple sue over garden redesign

An occupational hazard of being a "professional" is being asked for free advice by friends and family.

Insurer mops up after tenant's pipes burst

Now in the glare of the political spotlight, a courtroom test case last month provided a chance for 'generation rent' to try the field, and assess whether the underdogs had it in them to win even a minor skirmish.

Anything you say in replies may be used in evidence against you

Providing replies to standard property enquiries can be a laborious and tedious task for all involved, whether you're the owner, managing agent or legal adviser.