One month until the EU referendum: what might Brexit look like?

The potential implications for UK Competition law

The implications of a UK vote to leave the EU, or 'Brexit', would be largely dependent upon the outcome of the exit negotiations following Britain's notice to leave.

Is the General Data Protection Regulation Brexit friendly?

The General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) will come into force across the European Union on 25 May 2018.

The possible impact on corporates: an end to overregulation?

With the possibility of Brexit looming on the horizon, one argument put forward by some of those in favour of the UK departing the European Union is that the influence of Brussels lawmakers has resulted in many UK laws and regulations being unnecessarily complex.

The implications for employment law

Leaving the EU could have a significant impact on employment law in the long term, given that much of what is currently on the statute books is derived from European directives.

What could this mean for Employee Share Plans?

We now know that on 23 June 2016 UK voters will have their say on whether Britain remains a member of the EU or not.

The implications for international families

The economic impact of a potential Brexit has been widely debated, but what of the rather more prosaic, but nevertheless socially important, impact on English families?

Immigration and what this could mean for football

To Brexit or not to Brexit? That is the question. While the government has spent millions trying to convince the public that we should stay in the EU and the Leave Campaign has countered with a powerful voice advancing the case for Brexit, it has left many wondering: what will this mean for football?

The impact on protection and enforcement of IP rights

The departure of an EU member state is unprecedented, and the potential impact of a Brexit on protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the UK remains uncertain.

Britain: Great with or without the EU?

'Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?' This was the opening question to an audience of property experts at our EU referendum debate, in partnership with City Property Association, at Mishcon HQ on 5 May.

If the UK votes to leave, should we keep EU Regulations?

Much has been written on the effect a "leave" or a "remain" decision on Europe could have on the real estate industry. EU membership has long been associated with detailed regulations, often imposed centrally on member states by the European Commission.