London and The World

London & The World

Issue 2

Editor's note

Welcome to the second issue of London & The World. This bulletin is designed to bring you the latest comment and analysis on the topics most relevant to you and your clients.

In this issue we focus on emerging and developing markets, reflecting on London's position as a gateway for investors exiting or entering the countries in those markets. Topics addressed include an analysis of the impact of lifting sanctions in Iran, and a look at what is next for Myanmar, which is in the spotlight following the National League for Democracy's landslide victory in the recent election.

We hope you enjoy reading this bulletin and we look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have on its content.

Adam Rose
Partner, Head of International Development

846Iran – Open for Business?

Iran: open for business?

On 14 July 2015, Iran and the E3+ 3 (UK, France, Germany, USA, Russia and China) agreed the joint comprehensive plan of action (the JCPOA) to lift the sanctions on Iran...

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Myanmar: new impetus for foreign investment

It has only been just over three years since the West suspended trade and economic sanctions against Myanmar. With sanctions suspended, Myanmar emerged into the spotlight as a multitude of foreign investors looked to this newly opened country as a land of opportunities...

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850Doping: The Athlete’s Dilemma

Doping: under the spotlight

Doping has been consistently in the headlines over the past few months... Major international championships draw attention to particular sports and their host countries. Following Russia's exposure, no doubt Brazil will be under the spotlight ahead of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games...

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852Crack down on the tax advantages of being non-UK domiciled

Crack down on the tax advantages of being non-UK domiciled

The long line of reforms cracking down on the tax advantages of being non-UK domiciled continues under the control of the UK's Conservative government...

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854Growing your business in the Middle East

Growing your business in the Middle East

Those who think they can expand their business into the Middle East singlehandedly may need to rethink their plans. Many Middle Eastern countries have prescriptive business ownership rules which mean that businesses have to be owned partly or wholly by local nationals...

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856The EU: in or out?

The EU: in or out?

Referendum campaigning is underway as the UK renegotiates its position in Brussels. Since 2010, polls have indicated that the British public is divided on the question of EU membership...

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