London & The World
Issue 5

Squaring up

Pro-EU Emmanuel Macron has won the election for the French Presidency with a landslide victory, obtaining two thirds of the votes in the second round.

Mishcon International: Africa

We are proud to launch Mishcon International: Africa

Inside IP: KitKat - Court of Appeal sets high bar for acquired distinctiveness

Most people in the UK would recognise the KitKat shape.

WannaCry: global cyber-attack

Over 200,000 computers have been affected by a systemic, global cyber-attack. Initially predominantly affecting the UK and Europe, with further outbreaks in the US and Asia, the attack has seen 48 National Health Service (NHS) Trusts affected, along with other areas of healthcare and business.

Rob Murray at Brexit Exchange Summit

On Thursday 18 May Brexit Exchange hosted a summit at the Leadenhall Building.

Mostafa Farahat of Nafham on FT World Tech Founders podcast

This episode of the podcast supported by Mishcon de Reya features Mostafa Farahat...

Amine Azariz on learning from a failed start up: FT World Tech Founders podcast

This episode features serial entrepreneur Amine Azariz, who describes the challenges facing tech founders in Morocco.

The growing threat of IP wars

A series of high profile patent and trade secrets lawsuits has shone a spotlight on the significant challenges facing emerging technology businesses, both in protecting their valuable innovations, but also in ensuring that they do not encroach on their competitors’ rights.