Inside Disputes
Issue 2

Inside a Dawn Raid: what really happens

The following sets out typical events which might occur on the first day on a dawn raid from the perspective of the Managing Director of the business being raided.

Litigation Funding: Myth or Reality?

If you believe surveys, 25% of people reading this will have never heard of third party litigation funding, 56% will have a general idea of what it is, 11% will know someone who has used it and just 8% will have had some form of direct experience.

Doping: The Athlete’s Dilemma

Imagine this: you are an elite athlete, you’ve just finished fourth in an Olympic track final, you’ve trained all your life to get here and now you’ve just missed out on a medal.

A word of warning on disclosure

A recent High Court judgment has brought into sharp focus the difficulty of conducting large hard-copy disclosure exercises.