Inside Disputes

Inside Disputes

Issue 1
14Putting the right party in the corner

Putting the right party in the corner

A recent High Court judgment serves as a strong reminder to bind the right people – those with the real power and control – when transactions are structured through companies...

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16Oiling the wheels of justice

Oiling the wheels of justice

Employers can sue employees in the employers' jurisdiction where a tortious conspiracy has taken place. This was the clear message from a recent case brought by Arcadia Petroleum...

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To settle or not to settle?

When a defendant is faced with a claim, in practice, there are only three choices: (i) give in; (ii) fight all the way; or (iii) try to settle. Litigation is a game of poker: great skill is needed to read your opponent's hand...

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22What's yours is yours

What's yours is yours

Successful businesses employ successful people. If your business is adept at recruiting and developing the best people, it is well-placed to distinguish itself from the competition and maximise opportunities for creating growth and revenue...

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