Inside Disputes
Issue 5

Dealing with HMRC: five top tips

HMRC receives over 70 million calls a year concerning tax queries. Dealing with HMRC can therefore be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Disclosure Dangers

Disclosure is a key part of litigation where parties have to provide to the Court (and to each other) documents in their possession which are relevant to the case. Documentary evidence available can often transform the way proceedings are unfolding.

Office Holders - Early Neutral Evaluation

The brutality of modern professional rugby is not a bad comparison to litigation; it's damaging and it hurts but one can, reason permitting, have a beer afterwards.

Joint Enterprise following R v Joggee; Ruddock v The Queen [2016] UKSC 8

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court has clarified a difficult aspect of the law around joint enterprise, which is the doctrine by which a person may be found guilty of another person's crime if each were acting together for a joint purpose.