Employment Matters
Issue 4

What price freedom?

The Uber decision and its effect on the gig economy

Holiday pay and commission: does Lock hold the key?

In October, the Court of Appeal handed down its decision in British Gas v Lock. An important and well-anticipated judgment, it was hoped that it would shed new light on a complex technical issue that has been a headache for employers for many years.

Not keeping mum: new mothers face dismissal and disadvantage

Åsa Waring and Dominic Boon consider ways to curb growing discrimination against expectant mothers and women returning from maternity leave.

Is there a case for worker representation on boards?

Only days before becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May unexpectedly announced her intention, confirmed in her recent Conservative Party conference speech, to shake up the UK corporate governance system by requiring company boards to have employee representatives.

Gender pay gap reporting: How will it affect my business?

Last year the government pledged to "end the gender pay gap in a generation". The government believes that greater transparency is key to accelerating progress and, although the final regulations have not yet been published, it is still on track to introducing new mandatory gender pay reporting for employers of more than 250 people in April 2017.

Updated Remuneration Principles for Quoted Companies

The Investment Association (IA) recently wrote to the chairmen of remuneration committees of all FTSE 350 companies with key changes to its Principles of Remuneration (the Principles).