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Employment Matters

Employment Matters

Issue 5
2278Brexit: the White Paper

Brexit: the White Paper

Last month, the government published its White Paper on Brexit. Perhaps it should have been called its red, white and blue paper on Brexit. The document sets out the government's plans for how we will leave the European Union.

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2282Giving employees equity: what entrepreneurs must consider

Giving employees equity: what entrepreneurs must consider

Until robots replace workers, entrepreneurs will need to think about how to keep their employees happy. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. While some are best inspired by cold, hard cash, others may react better to beanbags and PlayStations.

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2287Balancing workers' rights with the gig economy

Balancing workers' rights with the gig economy

What do a plumber, a minicab driver and a bike courier all have in common?

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2291European Employees: Preparing for a "Hard Brexit"

European Employees: Preparing for a "Hard Brexit"

The limitation of freedom of movement rights of European citizens has been highlighted as a top priority in the UK's exit negotiations with the European Union. A "hard Brexit" could mean that EEA and Swiss nationals arriving in the UK after the trigger of Article 50 will not be entitled to remain permanently in the UK.

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2304The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy

One of the key aims of the current government is to encourage young people to enter the job market as skilled workers. Apprenticeships are seen as a cornerstone of this strategy and the government is keen to encourage businesses to take on apprentices. The apprenticeship levy is a tax designed to fund the government's plan.

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2307Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery Act

What does the Modern Slavery Act mean for businesses? As well as consolidating and introducing new criminal offences for those involved in modern slavery, the Act has introduced changes in UK law focused on increasing transparency in supply chains.

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