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Beauty Matters

Issue 2

Trade mark protection for shapes of products and packaging

Packaging and product design can have a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions in the beauty and cosmetics sector. The look-and-feel of a product and the consumer experience while using it can be just as important to purchasers as the quality of the product itself.

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The beauty of NFTs

NFTs – non-fungible tokens – have become a buzzword of 2021, with newspaper headlines frequently featuring the latest NFT release. However the narrative has been somewhat dominated by the sky-high prices that some NFT collectibles, such as NBA Top Shot, have achieved at auction, leading some sceptics to question their wider relevance and potential longevity.

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Beauty and the (private equity) beasts – investment in the beauty industry

Make-up and skin care, are for the most part, not affected by seasonal trends, customers are usually repeat purchasers (and can be fiercely loyal), and the gross margins are typically very high. The past few years have seen a phenomenal rise in sales of so called 'indie' beauty products and huge growth of 'indie' beauty companies

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Parallel trade and the beauty industry

Earlier this year. we reported on the UK Government Consultation to determine the UK's future regime for importing parallel goods into the UK (following the UK's departure from the EU), and the extent to which intellectual property rights holders and their authorised licensees can prevent such trade.

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The rise of beauty boxes and subscription models

'Beauty Box' subscriptions have been around for some time, with Birchbox and Glossybox being some formative brands, but they are increasing in popularity. The concept is this: customers pay a subscription fee and receive a regular box full of cosmetics and skincare products (usually monthly).

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What's in store for beauty & sustainability

With retailers looking to encourage consumers back onto the high street in the wake of the pandemic, sustainability is firmly at the forefront of the agenda. From product packaging through to store design and fit-out, the beauty sector is well aware of the scrutiny it is under.

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MHRA consultation and potential extension of medical device regulation

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has recently launched a 10-week consultation, which provides medical practitioners to the general public an opportunity to contribute and have their say in shaping the future of the regulatory framework for medical devices in the UK.

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Body image portrayal in advertising

The Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice have announced a call for evidence to assist in their regulation of adverts which cause potential harms relating to body image concerns. This announcement comes amid increased scrutiny and awareness of body image within advertising within the UK

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MDR Brand Management announces new partnerships that celebrate Amy’s Legacy

MDR Brand Management has been working closely with the Amy Winehouse Estate to celebrate and protect Amy’s legacy as one of the world’s greatest musical talents and style icons.

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