Mishcon Partners with London Food Tech Week 2016

Posted on 10 October 2016

Mishcon Partners with London Food Tech Week 2016

Mishcon is an official partner of London Food Tech Week 2016, which runs from 17 to 21 October 2016. Across the week, there will be over 80 food tech events ranging from idea hacks to innovation workshops, investment pitches, YFood Talks, panel discussions, expert roundtables and tours.

Now in its second year, London Food Tech Week is the world’s first week-long celebration that will bring together startups with FTSE 250s, all of whom are all dedicated to making a positive impact on the future of food through innovation, collaboration and investment. By bringing together brands, innovators, startups and investors, London Food Tech Week aims to elevate the Food Tech industry and disrupt the future of food, with an exciting and ambitious programme that will tackle the issues and challenges currently faced by the industry and creating global partnerships for commercial opportunities.

As part of the week, Mishcon is hosting Food of Genius, an invite-only collaboration and innovation event for food tech that will bring together three top food tech startups, a panel of 12 key industry influencers and 35 invited spectators from the food and tech industry. The guests are heavily curated and include successful entrepreneurs, MDs and heads of departments in companies big and small, leaders in academia and investors from London’s top VC firms etc. All attendees remain anonymous until the end of the evening, which enables non-weighted feedback that can be democratically discussed and allows for connection between attendees on a personal level.

Other events through the week include:

  • Dining in the Home: A panel discussion hosted in Mishcon's Africa House on 20 October exploring the future of dining in the home. Nesta's Louise Marston will be facilitating a discussion between leading food tech startups (Hello Fresh, Deliveroo and Natural Blender) that have created systems and technologies to change the way we dine at home. Whether that means making it easier to be a home chef, delivering fantastic food to your door, or receiving weekly bespoke juicing ingredients, technology has facilitated a new way to experience and cater to convenience and great taste.
  • Live Crowdfunding: Startup companies will be presented with an opportunity to explain their business proposition to Crowdcube investors, while their campaign is live on the platform. Expect some hot pitching and amazing networking!
  • Pitch the Startup: We've seen dozens of startups pitch for investment, and we've all met startups that have received investment. But what we really want to know is: why are they investable? Watch investors unravel team, traction, market size and product; and give you perspectives you might not hear from the startup pitch. Watch the investors of Hampton Creek, Deliveroo, Farmdrop, Olio and Mavrx get an inside scoop on how an investor thinks about an investment in Food Tech.
  • The Food Busker's Food Tech Week Mash-up: Entrepreneur, broadcaster and chef John Quilter, aka the Food Busker, will be taking over the Ace Hotel on 19 October to create a spectacular three part series showcasing the power of digital and innovative ways startups, brands and platforms can come together to build an engaged foodie audience.
  • The Multi Sensory Drinks Experience: An experiential evening brought to you by Chiltern Firehouse chef Christina The. Expect smoking cocktails, insect infused spirits, liquid nitrogen, futuristic bar snacks, VR experiences and great company.
  • Supermarket of the Future: Creating distinct immersive elements of the supermarket of the future that highlight the creative and engaging experiences that brands and retailers will create. This will showcase areas where digital and real-life shopping will merge in the future and how the supermarket will bring together different components of technology, information and experiential marketing to create unique service, enhanced engagement, and build relationships with its customers.

If you’d like to buy tickets for the events, check out the full schedule or find out more about London Food Tech Week 2016, visit www.yfood.com.

Please contact Stephen Rowe with any queries.