Is Sex Discrimination Law Fit for Purpose?

Posted on 13 February 2018

Is Sex Discrimination Law Fit for Purpose?

In what is surely a further wake-up call in the debate about gender inequality, leading gender equality and women's rights charity the Fawcett Society recently published a comprehensive review of sex discrimination law in the UK – and asks the question: is it fit for purpose?

It covers issues ranging from Brexit to violence against women, with a large part of the Review dedicated to how the law can be reformed to tackle discrimination in the workplace. Focussing on some of the key issues in this area, this article looks at the current state of the law and the recommendations put forward in the Review.



While progress has been made in addressing gender equality in the workplace, the Review shows  there is still a long way to go. It remains to be seen whether some or all of its recommendations will be taken forward by the government.  Stronger legal protection will go some way to tackle the issues of gender equality, but there is also much that employers can do to support a fairer and more equal workplace, to the benefit of both employers and employees.