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Brexit and Investment Migration to the UK

The UK continues to be an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals.

SPCs: uncertainty continues with two more references to the CJEU

On 13 January 2017, Arnold J made two references to the European Court of Justice in relation to the Supplementary Protection Certificate Regulation

Businesses' payment practices back in the spotlight?

Large businesses would be well advised to review their payment practices ahead of new reporting rules due to come into effect on 6 April 2017.

Success for charities in the Supreme Court – Ilott v The Blue Cross & others

Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down judgment in the much discussed and long-running case of Ilott v Mitson (now Ilott v The Blue Cross & others) and unanimously allowed the appeal of the residuary charity beneficiaries of the estate of the late Melita Jackson.

Urgent planning for the end of the remittance basis

From 6 April 2017, non-domiciled individuals who have lived in the UK for more than 15 of the last 20 tax years will be deemed domiciled in the UK and no longer able to be taxed on the remittance basis.

The Budget 2017

This year's budget, which marks the last ever spring budget following the Chancellor's announcement in 2016 that the budget will move to the autumn, was (as anticipated) light on noteworthy policy announcements and contained few surprises.

International Sanctions Against Russia: A Cloudy Forecast

Russia's relationship with the international community has in recent years often been strained to the breaking point; arguably never more so than when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014.

Increased enforcement activity by the CMA - what does this mean for you?

Back in February 2016, the National Audit Office ("NAO") criticised the lack of successful enforcement activity by the Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA").

Call for F1 investigation over allegations of Anti-Competitive Practice

Anneliese Dodds, Labour MEP for the southeast of England, has called for an immediate investigation into competition concerns arising from the Formula One motorsport industry.

Court of Appeal confirms jurisdiction to grant 'Arrow' declarations

The Court of Appeal has decided that, in principle, a claimant may obtain an 'Arrow declaration' where the circumstances of the case are such that it would be appropriate to do so.

Brexit: the White Paper

Yesterday, the government published its white paper on Brexit. Perhaps it should have been called its red, white and blue paper on Brexit. The document sets out the government's plans for how we will leave the European Union.

Inside IP: UPC to open its doors for business in December 2017?

Following the UK Government's surprise announcement in November 2016 that it was proceeding with plans to ratify the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement, the UPC Preparatory Committee has issued an important statement on the likely timetable.

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"Events likely to give rise to a claim": when should an insured give notice?

In the recent case of Zurich Insurance Plc v Maccaferri Ltd [2016] EWCA Civ 1302 the Court of Appeal was asked to determine the meaning of a condition precedent in an insurance policy which required the insured to notify its insurers "as soon as possible after the occurrence of an event likely to give rise to a claim".

Inside IP: Court of Appeal confirms permission to appeal no more likely in patent cases than other cases

The Court of Appeal has formally disapproved the notion that permission to appeal should be more readily given in patent cases.

Countdown to 2017 - Draft Legislation Published

So, finally, the draft legislation - or at least most of it - has now been published. This Briefing covers the main points.

Executive pay and corporate governance back in the spotlight

Following much debate on curbing excessive executive pay and putting workers on company boards, earlier this week the Government launched the eagerly awaited consultation paper on corporate governance reform.

A brake on the English Family Courts power to vary offshore trusts?

In a recent High Court decision, Mr Justice Mostyn found that the English courts do not have jurisdiction either to make pension sharing orders in relation to foreign pensions or to vary them as a nuptial settlement; a decision which may significantly limit the English Family Court's powers to vary offshore trusts.

UPC: UK gives green light to ratification, but what will happen post-Brexit?

The Government has announced that it is proceeding with its plans to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

Autumn Statement - A Disappearing Act

In his first and last post-Brexit Autumn Statement, the Chancellor was keen to point out that the UK is predicted to be the fastest growing major economy in the G7 this year, with growth of 2.1% for 2016, in stark contrast to earlier gloomy pre-and post-Brexit predictions. 

Inside IP: Rubik's Cube shape trade mark set to be held invalid following ten year battle

Some 40 years after its release, the Rubik's Cube remains one of the best-selling toys in the world.