‘Women less comfortable with confrontations’ comment draws reaction
Estates Gazette
13 June 2016

‘Women less comfortable with confrontations’ comment draws reaction

Women in property have spoken out after a panelist at this week’s British Property Federation conference said women were held back as they struggled to deal with travel and were less comfortable dealing with confrontation.

Graeme Eadie, senior managing director at CPP Investment Board, said yesterday that women in real estate “seem to be less comfortable in confrontational situations”.

None of the panel reacted to his comments at the time, including interviewer, BBC journalist Naga Munchetty.

But Susan Freeman, a partner at Mishcon de Reya, who tweeted during the panel, said: “Generalisations are always dangerous, especially in relation to such a complex and nuanced topic.

In my view, and with the experience of many years working in the male-dominated UK real estate sector, it is all about personality rather than gender, and of course women are able to be just as confrontational as men, when required.

There are many different ways of achieving what you want in a negotiation and often subtlety is much more effective than confrontation.

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