Unconscious bias in the workplace – can it be tackled?
Åsa Waring
Business Shapers
26 May 2016

Unconscious bias in the workplace – can it be tackled?

In an attempt to address gender stereotypes, Google recently proposed 13 new emojis depicting women having careers as engineers, scientists, construction workers and farmers among other things. Considering that, currently, the only emojis that depict females at work consist of a dancer and – though this is a bit of a stretch – a princess, you might think that, in 2016, it’s about time working women were more accurately represented on the emoji ‘scene’. But does it matter?

Diversity and inclusion is high on the agenda of many employers, and rightly so. Not only is there an undisputed moral argument for diversity, but there is also ample evidence proving that more diverse businesses are more successful and profitable. While the diversity argument applies equally to all minority groups, it is perhaps in the gender sphere that we have seen the most activity in recent years.

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