UK fraud hotspots revealed

Posted on 23 June 2017 by Mehmet Karagoz and Stephanie Silverston. Source: Business Shapers

UK fraud hotspots revealed

Following a Freedom of Information request submitted to Action Fraud UK, Which? has published a map revealing the UK’s fraud hotspots. The analysis reveals that instances of reported fraud have increased by more than 10% to 264,204 in 2016.

The map highlights significant differences in the likelihood of falling victim to different types of fraud across the country:

London unsurprisingly sees far higher than average rates of many types of fraud.  It is a hotspot for fake loans, social media and email hacking, telecom industry fraud and regular payment fraud, which tends to hit wealthier consumers and businesses. Regular payment fraud soared by 134 % over the two years to 2016 and is almost twice as prevalent in London compared with other areas of the UK.

Surrey residents and individuals are more likely to fall foul of investment fraud than anywhere else in the UK, reporting double the number of incidents of financial investment fraud compared with the national average.

Dorset has been revealed as a key technology fraud target, with 3.8 reports of computer virus, malware and spyware fraud for every 10,000 compared with general average of 2.3.

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