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The law misses the mark when it comes to revenge porn

Posted on 08 July 2015 by Alexandra Whiston-Dew. Source: Lawyer 2B

Victims of revenge porn, whose private sexual images are disclosed without their consent, often suffer from crushing public humiliation, guilt and serious consequences in their personal and professional life. There are few places to turn for effective assistance. 

Recently, revenge porn cases have hit the front pages. Chrissy Chambers waived her right to anonymity to raise awareness about this serious issue. Across traditional and social media, she recounted the horrifying story of how her ex-partner filmed her rape and broadcast it on porn websites. She only became aware of the broadcast after others had brought it to her attention having viewed the film online.

The shock that many feel when reading stories such as Chrissy’s belies the fact that this is a real and common problem with many victims in the UK. 

Unlike Chrissy Chambers, many of these victims struggle with the fact that they consented to or even took the private sexual image of themselves and sent it to their partner as part of the course of their relationship.

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