Taylor made: the future of employment law?

Posted on 20 July 2017 by Will Winch. Source: Law Society Gazette

Taylor made: the future of employment law?

In October 2016, Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the RSA and a former adviser to Tony Blair, was commissioned by the prime minister to conduct a review of modern employment practices. He was asked to consider the implications of new forms of work, driven by digital platforms, for the field of employment.

The report, entitled ’Good Work: the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’, was launched on Tuesday. As the title suggests, it stresses the need for a focus on the market providing ’good work’, rather than simply jobs that make people cogs in machines. It sets out a number of ways in which this can be achieved, including ensuring that workers have the opportunity to progress in their careers, their health is looked after, and they have a good work/life balance. It stresses the need for workers to have a voice in the running of the business for which they work and encourages employers to use technology creatively for the benefit of their workforce.

A cornerstone of the report is that flexibility is vital for the modern economy, giving people the freedom to choose when to work and what work to accept. However, the report balances flexibility for workers with the risk of exploitation from unscrupulous employers.

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