RedLaw interviews Lisa Tremble

Posted on 30 January 2017. Source: RedLaw

RedLaw interviews Lisa Tremble

RedLaw interviewed Lisa Tremble, Director of External Affairs, Mishcon about their involvement in the most highly publicised and political case of the year, and more….

1.Why did Mishcon get involved with the most highly publicised and political case of the year? [Given how close the referendum result was]

At the heart of this case is a fundamentally interesting constitutional issue concerning the limits of the powers of the executive branch of Government. We maintain that it is right and proper for the courts to decide such a complex point in order to ensure that the correct legal process is followed when the Government triggers Article 50.

2. Without counting this Article 50 legal challenge, Mishcon was praised in The Lawyer for being involved in no less than 3 of the Top 20 Cases List for 2016, highlighting those notable cases to keep an eye out for.  What is it about the firm that has enabled you to repeatedly attract these headline-grabbing mandates?

Over the last decade we have significantly and consistently invested in the business and hired the best lawyers in London and beyond. The calibre of our lawyers is such that we have built a strong reputation for being able to handle high profile and complex cases of this nature.

We take our client’s business very personally because we know how personal it is to them. Not all law firms have this mind set: the inseparable interrelation between the business and the personal. However, we believe that, in an increasingly tough business world, our clients should not be left to face challenges and take risks alone. So we not only guard their interests efficiently, but defend them fiercely.

Our core values have always been at the heart of everything we do. We focus on diversity, respect, open-mindedness, innovation, integrity and frankness. It is our view that clients recognise this authenticity, and choose Mishcon de Reya as their trusted advisor based on the service we offer as a result.

3. Ambitious junior associates relish the opportunity to get their hands on complex and high profile work.  Did the Article 50 legal challenge require the involvement of quite a considerable amount of your disputes practice’s associate team?

There are Partners, Associates, trainees and  non-lawyers involved in this case. The core team is a small, focused group of people from across the firm, who draw on the expertise of others as and when needed. Part of our approach is exposing junior lawyers to the most interesting cases we are working on, of which this is certainly one.