Jon Baines on WhatsApp user data undertaking

Posted on 16 March 2018. Source: The Register

Jon Baines on WhatsApp user data undertaking

Data Protection Advisor Jon Baines has commented in The Register on the news that WhatsApp has agreed not to share users' data with Facebook, its parent business.

Jon Baines, data protection advisor at Mishcon de Reya, also noted that the fact WhatsApp had held its ground on what he described as a "key point" could put the ICO in a difficult position down the line.

"It's very interesting that the ICO is classing this as a 'win', because – although on the surface it seems like a success – it's notable that WhatsApp have reserved their position on a key point, which is whether the processing in question falls under the UK's remit by virtue of the fact that it takes place in the UK on users' devices," he said.

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