Hugo Plowman on Ofcom data breach

Posted on 18 March 2016

Hugo Plowman on Ofcom data breach

It was reported this week that UKTV has sacked an executive who allegedly offered the television company a significant amount of leaked data taken from his former employer, Ofcom.

Cybercrime is a growing problem for businesses, says Hugo Plowman, Partner and digital security expert at Mishcon de Reya, and one that all businesses need to be aware of: "This is likely to be something of a rude awakening for the regulator and highlights that no business, however big or small, is immune from the risk of data breach. It doesn't matter how secure the systems are, you can never be 100% cyber secure.

"The fact that this breach involved a rogue employee clearly illustrates that businesses must manage the human element to cyber risk through training, awareness and monitoring of systems and protocols. It will be interesting to see if the ICO gets involved and contacts Ofcom about this, and it also raises the question of how the regulator is regulated. I expect that other television companies will be encouraging Ofcom to improve its security.

"On the positive side, UKTV appears to have done the right thing in response to the new joiner offering them confidential information; they notified Ofcom, sacked the employee and deleted the material from their systems."

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