How the wealthy untie the knot

Posted on 22 September 2016. Source: BBC

How the wealthy untie the knot

As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no doubt finding out, divorce is painful - and expensive.

While the pain is the same for rich and poor, the expense, for the rich, can be a lot, lot greater.

The numbers are eye-watering, from estimated £600 an hour top-tier divorce lawyers, to massive pay-outs at the end of the case.

Although Ms Jolie filed for the "dissolution of marriage" on Monday in the Los Angeles Superior Court, it is London that has become the divorce capital of the world for the super-rich.

Second bite at the cherry

Another attraction of London for a wealthy couple in search of separation, is that you can get a divorce settlement in London, even when you have already been divorced in another country.

Barbara Reeves Family Partner at law firm Mishcon de Reya told the BBC: "Originally this statutory provision was intended to protect migrants to England from the Commonwealth in the post war years - particularly where their country of origin would not make financial orders following divorce.

"More recently, given England's reputation as a generous divorce jurisdiction, this provision has been invoked by the spouses of internationally wealthy individuals who have made a home, or have a base, in London and surrounding counties."

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