Business Reporter
07 July 2015

Gender inequality: ‘A lot of goodwill but no change in the system’

Despite a 50-50 ratio of women and men in overall staff numbers, gender inequality in the workplace persists to be a fundamental issue.

The Inspired Leaders Network held a conference, Sexism in the City, concerning these issues on June 24th.

The topic was initially confined to careers in the City, but the panellists confirmed that the issue is more widespread and sexism in the workplace is a real problem.

A study by the Financial Times has shown that women occupy only 19.5 per cent of senior roles across top city companies.

Male bias is most predominant in the banking industry. The Financial Times found that 16.2 per cent of managing director level posts are occupied by women.

The conference had a panel of three experts, Joanna Blackburn, Rebecca Skitt and Professor David James.

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