Experiences of a female entrepreneur

Posted on 03 December 2015 by Sarah Wood. Source: The Entrepreneurs Network

Experiences of a female entrepreneur

Sarah Wood co-founded video ad tech company Unruly in 2006 with Scott Button and Matt Cooke. It has since grown to become one of the world’s most innovative ad tech businesses and in September 2015 was acquired by News Corp. This article is a transcript of her speech at a Leap 100/The Entrepreneurs Network breakfast on 3 December 2015.

The following blog first appeared on The Entrepreneurs Network website.

It’s interesting being asked to talk about “Trailblazing Women: Challenges Facing Female Entrepreneurs,” because for the first six or seven years working at Unruly gender wasn’t something I considered. I wasn’t really aware of the broader context because I was just getting on and building a business.

I had come from a career in academia, where there were lots of successful female lecturers and at school, I was taught by female teachers – including for maths and science. So it never really occurred to me that gender might be an issue. 48 per cent of our team at Unruly are female, including half our senior management and half the board. It was only in 2011, when we were securing a Series A investment round to help us expand and diversify our product, that I realised something was different. Until that point, I had been buried in work, building out the publisher network, building an ad operations team, design team and marketing team. When I resurfaced, I saw that other companies weren’t like ours. And it was only then that I thought gender might be an issue because our team, with a female founder, looked very different from other teams in tech.

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