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Businesses must be more vigilant to insider threats

Posted on 23 August 2017 by Martin Shobbrook & Lily Davies. Source: Business Shapers

Businesses must be more vigilant to insider threats

The SANS Institute has recently released a report highlighting the dangers of insider threats for global organisations. The report focuses on the lack of safe guards in place in these organisations to prevent insider attacks. The results of the SANS insider threat survey showed that whilst 40% of respondents said malicious insiders would cause the greatest damage to their business, 45% of respondents admitted they didn’t know the scale of potential losses.

Insider attacks can be split into two categories; malicious insiders and unknowing insiders. Unknowing and accidental insiders are pawns for outsider attackers typically looking to steal confidential data belonging to the company. These attacks are difficult to track and can go unnoticed for months.

The report went on to explain that only 18% of respondents said they had formal incident-response plans that include insider attacks that may take place and 31% of respondents said they have no formal programme in place or preparations to deal with the threats posed by insiders.

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