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Are young Olympic Athletes Receiving Adequate Protection?

Posted on 21 January 2016 by Clare Freshwater, Robert Tomback. Source: LawInSport

Are young Olympic Athletes Receiving Adequate Protection?

This article was written for and first published by LawInSport. Click here to view the original, which includes footnotes. 

With eyes turning towards the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio (Rio 2016), and with athletes getting faster, stronger and younger, this article considers the growing imperative of ensuring that there are sufficient and appropriate measures in place to protect the welfare of young athletes.

The place of young athletes in sport should be constantly considered and reviewed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and National Governing Bodies (NGB's) in order to ensure that they are receiving the required support and protection. As such, how young athletes are to be protected permeates every element of how sports operate. However, for succinctness and with a focus on Rio 2016, this two part article will focus on:

  • Part 1, below - how ‘child’ athletes are defined and the disparities between the minimum ages for entry into differing Olympic events.
  • Part 2, available here – the sufficiency of the safeguarding measures in place, including an examination of the regulations of the IOC, the role of current safeguarding initiatives, and the adequacy of domestic laws to protect child athletes against media intrusion.

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