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Allied with our commitment to open the doors of our internal Academy, is our bespoke training offering.

We understand the benefit of an interactive and personalised learning experience. As legal professionals and consultants, we are committed to ensuring that the advice we give is relevant and becomes embedded in the organisational ethos and best practice. 

This is particularly important in areas where achieving cultural or operational change is required, for example, where there is heavy regulation or as part of a risk management programme. Training from our experts can help reinforce and align practices with your business purpose and risk management strategy, reduce the risk of claims against the business, potentially reduce insurance premiums, the impact of cybersecurity incidents, and the risk of loss of reputation. We can offer a range of solutions depending on your needs, including training that is designed around your strategy, policies and procedures, and conducted with particular roles and responsibilities in mind or to address scenario planning.

Examples include:

Case study sessions to aid scenario planning on a particular compliance topic – working with an in-house team to address risks, such as for employment relations issues or reputation or cybersecurity crises.

Presentations and workshops for business leaders - executives and non-executives - on topics such as corporate purpose and ESG, directors' duties, best practice trends in corporate governance and lessons from corporate failures.

Working with you on your risk and compliance policies and providing online training and quizzes to ensure they are understood by the wider business and to help you meet mandatory regulatory training requirements.

Working with you on standard legal agreements which are used regularly by your legal or business team and providing training on parameters to negotiate them such as confidentiality agreements (NDAs) and how to ensure documents are validly executed.

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Bespoke training

For more examples of what we have available to tailor to your needs, please search 'Academy bespoke' here. These courses include: Mishcon Enable (employment and compliance training for HR managers and staff); 'incident readiness and response' services through our Mishcon Cyber consultancy; crisis preparedness training through our Reputation Protection offering; and Corporate Governance training for business leaders, executives and non-executives delivered by our Corporate Governance team. For more information on our regulatory practice, to which bespoke training can be of particular relevance, see Regulatory

Interested in our bespoke courses?

A number of the Academy sessions and events can also be adapted to be run in-house. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. 

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How can we help you?

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