Tax Aware - July 2014

This edition of Tax Aware continues the series of articles on HMRC-endorsed tax avoidance by examining tax-efficient arrangements for children.

Bribes really do belong to the victims

A recent decision by the highest court in the UK has clarified that bribes and secret commissions received by agents are beneficially owned by their principals. This will have great importance in many fraud claims that come before the courts.

Deathbed gifts - A relaxation of the court's approach?

In the recent case of King v Dubrey [2014] Ch 271, the High Court upheld a Miss June Fairbrother's "deathbed gift" (in legal terms, donatio mortis causa ("DMC")) of her house to her nephew, Mr King, to the disappointment of the seven charity defendants who stood to inherit the house between them under Ms Fairbrother's Will.